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The Rwanda Appeal

We at Benecare Medical believe in supporting underprivileged communities worldwide, and we have committed to provide aid and relief to areas in Rwanda where physiotherapy resources are stretched. We are privileged to have the opportunity to contribute casting materials to the ASFA Physiotherapy Centre in the Nyaruguru District of Rwanda. This small yet hard-working centre provides support to hundreds of individuals living with musculoskeletal issues in its surrounding communities. The correction and prevention of club foot, varus, valgus, lower limb and spinal deformity is paramount, particularly in younger patients, to prevent or minimise lifelong problems

Ian Lachs, Finance Director “We are tremendously proud to be donating to such a worthy cause, I’m sure our relationship with Kate and the Rwanda appeal will continue to flourish moving forward with this appeal”

We are extremely proud to be working alongside Kate Hunt Physiotherapy in London who supports this cause. The most significant challenge Kate faces is a lack of resources in a low-income district of an already challenged country. She works tirelessly in helping the people of Rwanda and has travelled there numerous times to provide aid to individuals in desperate need.

Keep posted for further updates on the Rwanda Appeal.





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