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The Benecare B-Moble Extender Knee Brace Deluxe is sleek, low profile and functional as well as helping to promote rehabilitation for a variety of trauma and orthopaedic conditions. 

The telescopic struts on the ROM hinge go up in 10 degree increments ranging from 0 to 120   and the 4 adjustable cuffs that can be positioned independently   will ensure a custom fit. There are quick release fastening buckles for ease of use and the rubberised non slip pads prevent migration of the brace and maintain stability.


• Low Profile Brace

• Telescopic Struts

• Quick Release Fastening System

• ROM With 10 Degree Increments

• Non-Slip Pads On The Cuffs

• All Cuffs Move Independently


• Sports Injury

• Soft Tissue Injuries Of The Knee

• ACL/PCL (Anterior & Posterior Cruciate Ligament)

• Post – Operative Support

• Fracture Management