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The BeneFoot ROM Walker Boot is ideal for anyone recovering from any lower leg fractures, sprains and after any operations, as it allows the lower leg to be splinted in a rigid cast format in the initial recovery stage, and when instructed by a physiotherapist the movement for the ankle can be increased slowly.

This early range of motion will aid many people in starting their rehabilitation while still having the maximum amount of protection available, and starting to walk as soon as possible in a near natural way will reduce the aches and pains in the knee, or hip joints that can occur when in a rigid plaster cast.

This is a top level boot giving a high standard in protection.


Features & Benefits

Hook & Loop closure provides easy adjustment.

Padded soft foam keeps lower leg comfortable.

Ultra low profile design eliminates difference between Walker and normal shoe without altering gait.

Padded soft foam keeps lower leg comfortable.

Metal stirrups immobilise the ankle securely and comfortably.

Impact resistant and shock absorbing sole for enhanced protection.

Rocker Sole for improved rehabilitation.

Indications for use

Stable fracture of fibula, talus, calcaneus and malleolus.

Post ligament. soft tissue and tendon surgery.

Post-surgery rehabilitation.


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