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BenePlas™ Aqua has 100% elastic memory and goes transparent when reaching moulding temperature of  160º F (70º C) to help facilitate ease of usage.

BenePlas™ Aqua also provides assistance with accurate placement of splint which helps to avoid pressure areas. Upon cooling, the material will once again return to its original colour.

BenePlas™ Aqua can be fully re-heated and remoulded with ease due to the 100% elastic type memory. There is instant bonding & no finger imprint and no shrinkage even after continued usage.


Features & Benefits

100% Elastic Memory.

Turns transparent when reached moulding temperature to provide assistance with accurate placement of splints.

Micro Perf available.

Pop apart function when cooled.

Permanent bond can be achieved by pressing firmly and rubbing surfaces together.

Perforations provide varying degrees of ventilation and weight

No shrinkage even after continued usage.

Returns to original colour when cooled.

Colour = White.

Coated sheet surface to avoid accidental sticking but provides enough tack to hold a temporary bond for the “wrap n tack” splinting technique.

Indications for use

Elbow splints or for any circumferential splints.

Hand functional & wrist splints.

Finger splints.


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