Featured-TemplateBenePlasTM Colours has moderate memory allowing for reheating, reshaping and remoulding with a coating that prevents accidental bonding. The rigidity of the material prevents the need for any additional reinforcing to be added. The proprietary textured surface and matching coating, combined with the properties of the material, provide for an aesthetically pleasing splint without fingerprints or marks.


Features & Benefits

Medium resistance to stretch.Medium rigidity.

No fingerprints or marks.

Colour = Blue, White, Beige.

Indications for use

Hand and wrist splints (static or dynamic), elbow splints and neck splints (cervical collars).

Body jackets and back support inserts.

Burn splints and foot drop splints.

Ankle stirrup splints and knee splints (Immobilisation).

Static splints for serial casting.

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