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Featured-TemplateBenePlasTM Max provides conformity, mould-ability and drape-ability with rubber or rubber-like characteristics. It is also extremely rigid, when cooled and will not require any reinforcing. BenePlasTM Max has a light tack when warm and will remain in place when moulding critical contours. Self bonds to itself when warm.


Features & Benefits

Maximum resistance to stretch.

Therapist can aggressively work the material.

Maximum rigidity.

High control.

Colour = Oyster.

Indications for use

Medium and large splints.

Base for dynamic outrigger splints.

Fracture bracing.

Knee splints for immobilisation.

Ankle stirrup splints and foot drop splints.

Body jackets.

Hand functional & wrist splints.

Burn splints.

“Serial” static splints.

Spasticity splints.


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