Featured-TemplateThe Darco Wedge Offloader Shoe has been designed to offload the heel by transferring weight from the mid foot, it has a square toe design with a modified rocker bottom sole, therefore promoting faster healing after surgery, trauma or DFU.

Features & Benefits

Reduced heel pressure.

Square toe design acts as bumper to protect toes.

Modified rocker bottom encourages a smooth toe-off while maintaining a stable mid-foot base.

Unique forefoot closure provides uniform security without the pressure points of buckles and strap.

Ankle strap seats the foot firmly in the sole and eliminates heel friction.

Cloth toe protector keeps toes warm and dressings clean and dry.

Insole can be removed for improved accommodation and in conjunction with peg-assist system.

Indications for use

Rear foot trauma.

Wounds and ulcerations on the heel area.

Post-surgical healing for either soft tissue or bone structure of the heel.

Diabetic foot management.

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