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The BeneFoot EXO Ankle Brace is a superb lightweight ankle brace designed to give maximum protection to your ankles. Using exo-ankle technology, the EXO Ankle Brace forms a plastic exoskeleton directly onto soft, breathable fabric, combining the compression and comfort of a soft ankle brace with the stability of a stirrup ankle.

The EXO Ankle Brace is perfect for sports use and can be worn under a shoe or trainer, to maximise ankle support.

Features & Benefits

Plastic exoskeletal frame minimizes inversion and eversion.

Available with or without figure 8 strap.

Contours to fit ankle anatomy.

Lace up strapping system for desired support.

Lightweight fabric gives comfort and compliance.

Ventilation holes allow the support to breath and remain cool.

Can be worn with all types of footwear.

Machine washable

Universal, left or right foot.

Hardened plastic exoskeleton shell.

Breathable neoprene interior.

Indications for use

Ankle sprain.





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