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A lightweight, low profiled and ankle brace suitable for post-operative stabilisation, acute sports injuries and sprains and post cast support

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Features & Benefits

Two soft adjustable straps with loop.

Removable Y hook clips.

Lightweight and breathable.

Quicker application.

One Size fits all.

Indications for use

Post-operative stabilisation of the ankle.

Collateral ligament strains.

Inversion & eversion injuries.

Acute sport injuries.

Mild to moderate sprains.


Post cast support.

Injury prevention.

Product Description

The BeneCare Memory Ankle Brace’s stunning redesign is a new level in design, performance and efficiency. The unique memory foam padding allows a new level of custom fit with the lightweight memory foam providing a cushioned environment. The result is low profile custom fit comfort.

Incorporated into the brace are softened straps allowing an new level of patient comfort and with two adjustable straps with Y hook clips this brace also allows a fully customisable fit.

Read an NHS article on how the MAB creates time saving advantages and improved patient rehabilitation. here

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