The Humerus Cork Splint is an innovative, universal, ready to use UFS splinting system made out of cork, which is also the better substitute for Plaster of Paris (P.O.P.). As the system is an easy to use, fast and clean product with a high level of patient comfort it is a very suitable immobilisation product for both the A+E Department (where working fast and clean does save money) and the Fracture Clinic.

Features & Benefits

  • Lighter then plaster of Paris
  • No mess
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Incredible level of patient comfort
  • Can be adjusted with scissors

Indications for use

  • Humerus injuries

Instructions for use

  1. Select the appropriate size of splint. If needed, the splint can easily be adjusted with scissors to the desired measurements.
  2. Slip stockinette over the effected body part and wrap additional padding over the stockinette.
  3. Padding should be used for protection of pressure points and body. prominences Fixate the splint using the Velcro® straps supplied.
  4. The UFS-splint will automatically follow the contours of the extremities.
  5. Can be fitted by one person.

Sizing & Product Codes


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