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Benecast™ Advanced Casting Tape is a premium conformable casting material that provides rigid casting for primary and secondary casting applications where patient fit, comfort, breathability and compliance are critical. Suitable for advanced casts such as F.R.C. fracture stabilisation with maximum patient function in a single cast. Benecast™ Advanced offers unique 4 dimensional stretch, providing superb conformability to produce a perfect fit around all body contours whilst the high tack resin provides excellent lamination with short application time.

All Benecast™ Casting Tape comes in single sealed packs all of at least a 3.6m length and can be used for Arts and Crafts purposes.

benecast advanced

Features & Benefits

Unique 4 Dimensional Stretch.Focus Rigidity Casting (F.R.C.).

Air Permeability – allows evaporation of moisture from the skin.

Excellent X-Ray Transparency.

Environmentally Friendly.

Lightweight but Strong – provides maximum strength to weight ratio.

Excellent Lamination.

Short Application Time.

Available in 7 colours : Blue, Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White.

5 different sizes: 5cm (2″), 7.5cm (3″), 10cm (4″), 12.5cm (5″).

Indications for use

Orthopaedic and trauma conditions.

Fracture management.

Soft tissue injuries.


Neurological symptoms.


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