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This medium size Silver Therapy Starter Pack is a great all rounder and comes with an added range of equipment to help get your clinic up and running with a few of the optional extras.

Products include a 5ltr splint pan, air gun, scissors, rotary cutter, 8 sheets of thermoplastic as well as a variety of Hook & Loop materials.

And get a further 5% discount off your second order of thermoplastic material.


Features & Benefits

Purchase all you need to start a clinic in one easy option.

5ltr splint pan.

Hot Air Gun.

Fiskars Therapy Scissors.

Rotary cutter.

8 sheets of thermoplastic*.

Clear Adhesive Hook Tabs 50mm.

White Adhesive Hook 50mm.

White non-adhesive Loop 50mm.*does not include Aqua Colours

Indications for use

Provides therapists with everything needed to start practicing thermoplastic therapy.


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