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Shirley Robinson, Orthopaedic Practitioner

The Plaster Room at Poole Hospital have been using Benecare Medical products for approximately 8 years and are the main provider of casting and splinting products…

We have been extremely happy with all the products we use, of which there is a variety, We use Benecare Polyester and Bene flex casting tapes, both of which are excellent quality and value for money, the tapes are easy to use, have a very good setting time and are easy to remove when the need arises.  They come in various colours and sizes the packaging makes use easy, as it tears with ease on opening.  We also use Benecare orthopaedic under cast padding, this padding is very soft and of good thick quality the packaging is easy to remove and the rolls roll onto the limb with ease with no snagging.

Our futura splints with thumb extension are also supplied by Benecare and we find these just as easy to use, the feedback we receive is that they are soft and comfortable to wear and easy to fit and remove. Other products we use are their extender arm braces, stockinette and Bene splint, as with all the Benecare range all the products supplied by Benecare are of extremely excellent quality and value which is important to us in a very busy fracture clinic where we see over a 100 patients a day.

The price of the products we use are low in comparison to others on the market, the rep visits on a regular basis and the company ensure we get the best deals, the rep is always on hand should we encounter any problems with ordering or any other problem, any problems encountered are sorted promptly and replacement products sent out if required, in the past we have had spoiled products, through no fault of their own, Benecare Medical have always sent replacements as a gesture of good will.

All in all we are more than happy with the products and service we receive from Benecare Medical and I would have no hesitation in recommending their products and company to any future customer.”

Shirley Robinson, Orthopaedic Practitioner