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In celebration of the brand new & improved on the 13th July we will be launching The BeneCare Treasure Hunt!


All you have to do is…

A. Follow the product clues to the correct product page and make a note of the coloured letters within the product descriptions (there are 3 on each page)…

B. Once you have collected all the coloured letters unscramble the unknown word…

C. Enter the word and your details below and you’ll be entered into the prize draw on the 31st July!

CLUE 1 – With its unique four way stretch, excellent conformability and superior smooth surface

CLUE 2 – A neo-prene product that provides extra comfort to a specific thumb area

CLUE 3 – For a gold standard of traditional casting this is the go-to material

CLUE 4 – Its three panels work together extremely well to fit perfectly around the knee….

CLUE 5 – A slightly taller version of the BeneFoot original


*T&C’s Apply