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New benecare team member

BeneCare Medical Develop Young Talent

BeneCare Medical are proud to announce they have offered Elliot Hall a full time role at BeneCare Medical now he has completed his yearlong apprenticeship. BeneCare Medical signed up to the Manchester Collage apprentice scheme to help young people gain valid experience in the working environment and also work with them on their development and learning of life time skills. BeneCare Medical have benefited through being able to train apprentices with practical skills tailored to BeneCare to help grow the business.

Elliot Hall
Warehouse Apprenticeship


Why did you chose to do a Warehouse Apprenticeship?
I thought it was a great opportunity to gain work experience which could lead to a permanent job.

What are your day to day roles?
Picking and packing medical products/ supplies, loading courier vans and driving the van to pick up stock.

What have you learnt about the business?
The process of how a business buys and sells medical products and then supplies them to the NHS Hospitals, private Hospitals, clinics and worldwide.

How have you progressed during the apprenticeship personally?
I have learnt to deal with job roles quickly and gained confidence to carry out my duties without supervision.

What is the best part about your apprenticeship?
The fact that I am bring trained at the same time as being paid.

 What areas do you need to work on?

Organizing certain areas of the warehouse so we can get an accurate stock count.

What are your goals for the future?
To have a warehouse managing role.

BeneCare are also currently running a business administration apprenticeship in partnership with Manchester Collage. Robbie Brewer was offered the yearlong apprenticeship. Robbie has picked up his duties very quickly and is proving to be a very valid member of the BeneCare team. Read below to see how he is getting on.

Robbie Brewis
Business Administration Apprenticeship


Why did you choose to do a business administration apprenticeship?
Administration is something I have always wanted to do, being able to speak to customers, contribute to a company and have a say in different ideas is something I have wanted in my career.

What are your day to day roles?
I process all orders and arrange delivery to different hospitals and companies across the world. I give the team in the warehouse stock take to do and I also do the small day to day jobs of answering telephone calls, dealing with post.

What have you learnt about a business?
I understand how the business runs, I am familiar with all the team, I learn more about the credentials of the company every day.

How have you progressed personally?
I feel more confident with the public and have become understanding to each customer’s needs.

What is the best part about your apprenticeship?
The best part about my apprenticeship would be the people I work with, I have always wanted to do business administration and have found the perfect company to do it with.

What are your goals for the future?
I hope to carry on working here and progressing further in the company, taking on more responsibilities.

BeneCare recommend the apprenticeship scheme to other business as it helps recognize new talent whilst providing vocational training.

Emma Kitchen

Marketing Manager




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