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Established in 2001, BeneCare Medical are worldwide providers of Casting Materials, Orthopaedic Footwear, upper and lower limb Orthotics, Low Temperature Thermoplastics and associated devices and products to the UK market and globally via our international partners. We also deal with the UK public via our direct sales website where we supply private consumers with hospital quality products.


Our History

BeneCare Medical started off life modestly as BeneFoot (UK) Ltd supplying Post operative footwear and Casting and Splinting materials to the National Health Service (NHS) and Private Sector Hospitals throughout the UK.

Over the years we have expanded and have moved further and further into different areas and departments of the NHS, offering a much wider range of products, whilst keeping our eye on quality and effectiveness. We are now one of the leading suppliers of orthopaedic footwear and splinting materials to the NHS, as well as having large interests in Orthotics, Low Temperature Thermoplastics and Rehabilitation products in which we carry a full range. Within this time we have also created new relationships with a experienced distributors around the world, who share our same passion for progress and now distribute our products all over the world.

With all this expansion in mind, we decided in early 2010 that a change in the company’s trading name from BeneFoot UK to BeneCare Medical was necessary in order to mark the change in the company’s direction both nationally and worldwide.

With this also came the realisation that patients regularly need a second shoe or an extra brace to facilitate their rehabilitation process often not supplied by the NHS. From this our latest initiative was born, dedicated to providing the public the access to professional shoes and braces used in hospitals around the UK.

Since then we have continued to expand worldwide and have developed partnerships throughout the world supplying products that have been developed in the UK together with NHS clinicians and therapists. Growth is important however not without remaining true to our core aims and beliefs.


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