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The BeneCare Hinged Knee StabiliserDesigned for the treatment of knee ligament injuries and cartilage tears, as well as for general sprains and tears, the BeneCare Hinged Knee Stabiliser offers support for weak unstable knees, as well as protection after injury.

Back of the Hinged Knee Stabiliser
Close up of the Hinged Knee Stabiliser knee hole

Features & Benefits

Polycentric hinge helps prevent hyperextension of the knee without restricting mobility.Soft neoprene blend material provides soothing warmth, keeping knee joint and muscles flexible.Opposing adjustable front and back straps hold brace in place.

Contoured construction for comfortable fit minimizes bulk behind knee joint.

Adjustable straps provide controlled compression for custom fit

Patella buttress stabilises and protects kneecap.

Indications for use

Increased medial/lateral support.Rheumatoid arthritis.Mild to moderate hyperextension.

Mild to moderate valgus/varus deformity.


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