Our core market is in the United Kingdom where we are based and where we supply the UK National Health Service (NHS) as well as many Private Hospitals, Clinics and Surgeries. We also supply worldwide via our international partners.

To receive details on your local distributor, or to become a distributor contact us today.

2 thoughts on “Where Do We Supply?

  1. Hello,

    This is Michele Nehls, producer for the Innovations TV Series with Ed Begley, Jr. via Discovery. I’m in the process right now of gathering content and planning our programming for next quarter and I might have an interest in possibly featuring Benecare Medical in an upcoming episode on advancements and innovations taking place in the industry. I do have a few questions for you so please call me as soon as possible my direct line is 561-283-3337. I will try and get a call to you also. Link to show is below:

    For more information and to view some recent segments, please visit: http://innovationstelevision.com/videos/

    Thank You,


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