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The BeneFoot Wedge Offloader Shoe has been clinically proven to effectively reduce weight bearing pressure from the forefoot and helps to promote proper healing.

The BeneFoot Wedge Offloader Shoe is an improvement on other design. By making the angle in the shoe at a slightly lower degree than competitors models, its helps to improve patient stability whilst still keeping the shoes important offloading ability.

The Wedge Shoe has a wide base for extra stability.

Features & Benefits

Square toe design acts as a bumper to provide additional protection when K-wires are present.

12 Degree Dorsi-angle shifts weight back to the midfoot and heel.

Padded soft foam keeps lower leg comfortable.

Wide base for extra stability.

Fully customisable and removable insole, with over twice the padding.

Metal stirrups immobilise the ankle securely and comfortably.

Indications for use

Post surgical healing.

Forefoot trauma.

Wound or ulceration present on the front of the foot.

Diabetic foot management.


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