Featured-TemplateBenecast™ Pre-Cut Moulded Splints are an excellent way of making a rigid splint quickly and effectively. Simply submerge the splint in water for 10 seconds and apply to the body wrapping with a bandage to form its shape. Allow 20-30 minutes for the splint to set and the patient will now be able to move and remove the splint as required.


Features & Benefits

Quick application – Useful for First response teams, A+E

100% x-ray transparent

5 times lighter and stronger than plaster of Paris bandage

Fast and efficient

Pre Cut – Requires minimal trimming or preparation

Excellent ventilation

Shapes to body contours

Indications for use

Trauma & Orthopaedic Conditions.

Fracture management.

Soft tissue injuries.

Resting splint.

Neurological splinting.

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