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Benecare Neoprene Sheets allows you to create your own flexible splints tailored to your patient’s needs.

Benecare Neoprene has a degree of elasticity enabling controlled movement. It consists of nylon lining on one side and terry cotton material on the other, over a rubber core giving comfort and warmth. Benecare Neoprene can be used as strapping on a splint, or can be used to make soft splints by fusing pieces together with seam tape and iron.

Features & Benefits

Lighter in weight than a thermoplastic splint solution.

Particularly suitable for paediatric applications.

Size of sheet 460 x 610 x 3.2mm.

5 Colours to choose from.

Terry cotton cover for comfort.

Indications for use

Complex hand Injuries/indications.

Will allow the clinician to manufacture neoprene splint or use with thermoplastic to produce a neoprene lined thermoplastic brace/splint.


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