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The BeneCare Pro Universal Wrist Brace is constructed of a lightweight and durable fabric facilitating comfort and movement. Added to this the soft Lycra® lined interior is extremely breathable and keeps fresh.

The Universal Wrist Brace’s ingenious construction allows it to be used injuries on the both the right and the left hand. just slide the shaped bar from one side of the brace and insert it into the other to change hand usage.

The Universal Wrist Brace has an inbuilt sock style control system allowing for any user to apply single handedly, helping patients continue with normal life.

Features & Benefits

Universal Left & Right.

Extremely breathable Lycra®-lined interior.

Lightweight durable fabric construction.

Contoured along distal palmer crease to allow for 90°.

MCP flexion precisely sculpted narrow web space prevents pinching.

Removable / adjustable stay.

Easy to use contact closure strap.

Indications for use

Tendonitis healing fracture.

Soft tissue injuries.


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