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Photo of Undercast PaddingBenecast™ Undercast Padding is a synthetic and protective material which blends excellent conformability and good cushioning. The padding tears and moves easily around awkward contours, minimising patient trauma and enhancing ease of application for the clinical user.

Features & Benefits

Highly conformable, shapes easily and readily to all body contours and joints.

Easily tearable, it has optimum strength to ensure that it will tear apart with no pain or discomfort to the patient.

Feathers out neatly, clings to itself and blends in to give a smooth finish.

Because of this smooth finish without loops or ridges, Plaster of Paris bandages are easily applied.

Low moisture absorbency, it takes up less water than other padding, thus minimising skin maceration.

Quick and easy to apply.

Indications for use

Orthopaedic and trauma conditions

Provide comfort and protection under a cast/splint.

Provide compression under a bandage


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