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Benecast™ FLEX Flexible Semi Rigid Casting Tape remains resilient, even in its cured state. It provides a semi-rigid support of the limb, while allowing some degree of joint movement. It will revert to its cured shape after deformation. Made from multi-directional stretch bandage that conforms to the body contours without folds or tucks. It enables easy application with soft, smooth edges for patient comfort. Benecast™ FLEX is easy to unroll and apply, with tack free additives to increase clinicians control and reduce application time and is available in 6 colours and up to 4 different sizes.

All Benecast™ Casting Tape comes in single sealed packs all of at least a 3.6m length and can be used for Arts and Crafts purposes.

Features & Benefits

Hygiene: The porosity and moisture resistant properties of Benecast™ FLEX allow casts to ‘breath’ and ‘dry-out’ easily, which decreases body odours and skin maceration under the cast.

Easy Removal: By simply unwrapping the material or cutting the cast with a pair of bandage scissors.

Easy to unroll and apply without the need for folds and tucks.

Tack-free and clean to apply.

Apply wet or dry.

Excellent X-Ray Transparency.

Indications for use

Orthopaedic and trauma conditions.

Fracture management.

Soft tissue injuries.


Neurological symptoms.


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