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Featured-TemplateThe UFS system is an innovative, universal, ready to use splinting system made out of cork, which is also a better substitute for Plaster of Paris (P.O.P). As the system is an easy to use, fast and clean product with a high level of patient comfort it is a very suitable immobilisation product for both the A&E Department (where working fast and clean does save money) and the Fracture Clinic.

The cork splinting system is an extremely versatile product which can be used for a wide variety of indications, including fractures to the humerus, lower leg, elbow, wrist and scaphoid.


Features & Benefits

Two soft adjustable straps with loop.Removable Y hook clips.

Lightweight and breathable.

Quicker application.

One Size fits all.

Indications for use

Post-operative stabilisation of the ankle.Collateral ligament strains.

Inversion & eversion injuries.

Acute sport injuries.

Mild to moderate sprains.


Post cast support.

Injury prevention.


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