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Benecast™ Plaster of Paris combines all the technician/ patient benefits of the finest leno-weave gauze, impregnated with a specially formulated blend of alpha and beta Plaster of Paris crystals incorporating high-grade binders and accelerants. It is then spooled onto a rigid plastic core. The Benecast™ Plaster of Paris comes in both rolls and slabs in 5 different sizes.

As with all our Casting Tapes, Benecast™ Plaster of Paris can also be used for Arts and Crafts purposes.

Close up of benecast plaster of paris.

Features & Benefits

Quicker wetting-out Plastic core provides easier handling qualities and allows rapid, even wetting-out of the bandage upon immersion.

Additional stability interlocked leno-weave fabric ensures extra stability during wet stage, making it ideal for moulding around awkward contours.

Leno-weave has excellent conformance. It also reduces distortion and creasing during application.

Better mould-ability, the advanced fabric/plaster combination creates a smooth and gently-textured consistency with minimal plaster loss for cleaner, trouble-free handling and improved mould-ability.

Fast setting, improved accelerants produce an initial set within approximately 120-150 seconds for rapid immobilisation. The cast will be fully set after 3-5 minutes. (Usual weight-bearing advice applies).

Rigid structure Benecast POP sets to a hard, rigid, aesthetically pleasing structure, combining excellent porosity and absorbency qualities.

Benecast POP has been specially designed and produced to accommodate all the needs of busy Fracture Clinics, A+E and Theatre Plaster Rooms where the rapid immobilisation of injuries is vital, where easier handling and application properties are appreciated and a smooth even finish is essential.

Fully protective packaging. Each Benecast POP roll is supplied in a moisture-proof metallic foil pack to ensure that every roll is maintained in optimum condition ready for immediate use when required.

Indications for use

Orthopaedic and trauma conditions

Fracture management

Soft tissue injuries


Neurological symptoms


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