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The BeneSling Sling on a Roll is a convenient immobilisation system for the upper extremity. The combination of a strap with the Y-tab hook closures offers users and patients an easy-to-adjust arm support.

BeneSling Sling on a Roll has 24m worth of strapping and comes with extra Y velcro tabs.

Features & Benefits

Custom fit for adult or child with a single product.

Softened foam to increase patient comfort.

Stretch resistant foam keeps arm in desired position.

Y-tab hook fasteners allow easy positioning adjustments of the arm.

Strap width remains constant during use which guarantees less compression in the neck.

24 meters of strapping.

Extra Y Velcro Tabs (30).

Indications for use

Fractures of the upper limb eg. Radial Head and Proximal Humerus.

Post operative.

Soft Tissue injuries of the shoulder and elbow.

To support the limb in a cast.


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