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Featured-TemplateThe range of splinting tools we offer are all necessary for day to day splinting and helps ensure job accuracy first time round. All splinting tools are designed to enhance convenience for technicians and ensure safety when using.

Bosch Hot Air Gun: A tool for all tasks, 1800 W and 3 stages for temperature and air flow, which includes a thermostat for deactivating the load heating in the event of improper operation. Combining the highest quality, innovative technology and easy handling for good results every time.

Comfort Grip & Rotary Cutter: For the serious splinter, our new rotary cutter with an entirely new ergonomic design and the most accurate rotary cutter available.

Revolving Punch Pliers: Expert quality, pressed steel frame with plastic coated handles. Revolving carbon steel head has unique waste collection facility and six punches size: 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5mm.

Straight Scissors: The classic orange handled scissors. Straight handles make this scissor the perfect for multi-purpose cutting, also with its adjustable pivot screw.


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