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The OTA & Virtual Clinics 2015


As principle sponsors for the Orthopaedic and Trauma Alliance annual conference it is an event that holds a prime place in the BeneCare Calendar every year. This year the annual event was being held at the lovely Hilton Hotel in sunny Blackpool.

For the 2015 edition we transformed the BeneCare stand in to ‘The Hard Cast Café’, providing delegates with a range of smoothies (& some early evening cocktails). We had a fabulous krispy Kreme display and a game of ‘guess the famous musicians’. It was lovely to see familiar & new faces on our stand; the OTA always provides a great opportunity for our team to catch up with everyone outside of the plaster room!

This year our clinical specialist – Pat Radcliffe did her workshop on the very current and emerging topic of Virtual Clinics.

Currently there is a £30 billion year on year funding gap between taxes and cost to run the NHS 2020. This issue can be resolved by either an increase in tax for the general public, to cut services the NHS provides or for healthcare services to be redesigned to run more efficiently and effectively. Pat’s workshop explored ways in which virtual clinics can act as solution for the funding issue occurring within the NHS. ‘A virtual clinic is a planned contact by the Healthcare Professional Responsible for Care with a patient for the purposes of clinical consultation, advice and treatment planning.’ The aim of virtual clinics is to remove the need for post procedure follow up face to face appointments in the vast majority of patients, obviously while ensuring that patient care is consistently being improved.

A range of our orthopaedic soft goods appropriate to the injuries associated with virtual clinics were demonstrated in the workshop including:

Original Post Op Shoe
BeneFoot Fixed Walker Boot
Deluxe Poly Arm Sling
BeneSling on a Roll
Pro Universal Wrist Splint

The workshop proved to be a success among delegates with consistent engagement throughout and we received extremely positive feedback afterwards.

If you would like any more information about Pats workshop on Virtual Clinics please don’t hesitate to contact us here.
As always the conference proved to be a fantastic weekend and the BeneCare Team would like to thank the OTA for hosting such a well organised event, with such a high standard of education and fabulous entertainment!

We shall look forward to seeing you all next year!





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