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BeneCare & The Nepal Earthquake Disaster

As you may remember back in May 2015 during the aftermath and devastation of the Nepal earthquakes, BeneCare Medical donated essential orthopaedic supplies to the Charity HexN to be sent over to Nepal. The products donated were all scarce and in high demand after the disaster, preventing the injured from receiving full and adequate treatment.

Below are some pictures we have received witnessing the recovering situation Nepal is in, and also BeneCare products being delivered and used in Dhulikhel Hospital, situated in the town Dhulikhel, central region of Nepal.

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All the products BeneCare sent were to aid the HexN team to carry out treatment for the injured to be used in mobile clinics, health camps and within hospitals throughout the entire country.

We have been keeping in touch with HexN and tracking their work and progression throughout Nepal, so far they have:

  • Supplied essential orthopaedic products that were in shortage
  • Developed Earthquake survival packs consisting of food, tents, blankets, water purification tablets
  • Sent medical teams to remote areas of Nepal worst affected outside of Kathmandu
  • Collected donations of ultra sound equipment from UK hospitals and have flown specialists from the UK to train the Nepalese locals
  • Supplied funding to build a four room school – Ratneshwari High School
  • Organised and funded training courses in laparoscopic surgery and amputation rehabilitation at Dhulikhel Hospital
  • Worked with Diabetes Nepal to support the village of Siddhipur by building new tin shelter homes for the community that was devastated by April’s earthquake
  • Supported Sewa Kendra by raising £2400 for its Leprosy work.

The work HexN are carrying out is phenomenal, and we feel honoured that we have been able to help them in their mission to restore Nepal after the tragedy, by contributing to providing affective and quality treatment to the thousands injured.





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