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Special Conference Announcement! The Evolution of Fracture Management – Professor David Rowley

We are thrilled to confirm that Professor David Rowley will be lecturing at the BeneCare National ‘Casting’ Weekend 2016.

Professor David Rowley is a renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon, who has had an extremely commendable career and is a great advocate for closed modern fracture management. He has been a lecturer at some of the best universities in the country along with gaining numerous distinctions such as the Gold College Medical and Syme’s medal, both awarded from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, where he also served as the director of education. Professor Rowley has prestigiously published numerous books and papers including: Skeletal Injuries in Old Age (1994) and War Wounds with Fractures: A Guide to Surgical Management (1996 and 2002), all supporting splinting and casting procedures. On top of all of this he has served the country as a War surgeon for the International Committee of Red Cross in the Sudan and Afghanistan.

The lecture will be the  opening lecture of the conference on Saturday 12th March at 10:30am. Registration is at 9am, with the conference opening and overview of the day beginning at 10am. 

Professor Rowley will discuss the Evolution of Fracture Management and the history of practice






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