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Welsh Study Day- Gwent hospital

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The day started with an interesting and informative presentation from Mr Sujit Kadambande, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon (Foot & Ankle and Paediatrics) from Gwent hospital Newport. The topic was paediatric indications and the management. This lead nicely onto a variety of workshops, in which participants had the opportunity to learn several casting techniques.

There were workshops done by Marion Williams Sister in the Ortho OPD Gwent Hospital, Nicola Hardwicke Senior Orthopaedic Practitioner Ortho OPD Gwent Hospital and Pat Radcliffe Clinical Specialist at Benecare Medical.


Marion Williams’s workshop included: cast applications for wrist injuries, using Benecast Advanced for FRC and Benecast Flex for flexible functional approach to a below elbow cast.

Nickola Hardwicke’s workshop included: the application of a Sarmiento functional TCC cast applied using Benecast Flex and Benecast Select.

Pat Radcliffe’s workshop was an open session: it included humeral bracing demonstrated with Benecast Advanced, A slipper manufactured with Benecast Flex and Benecast Select, Forearm functional Sugar tongue cast demonstrated in an FRC technique with Benecast Advanced and using a flexible functional approach with Benecast Flex and Benecast Select.

We had excellent interaction in all workshops with lots of casts applied….. Thank you for your participation.

Congratulation again to Karen Jones from Neath/Port Talbot Hospital, Antony Harrington from Southmead and Sandra Alder from Great Western Hospital who won our competition and a fabulous prize- a bottle of Prosecco.

The study day was planned in association with the AOP and Benecare sponsored the event.







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