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Benecare Goes Back To The Future

Part 1: Amos & Richard’s Fatal Gym Sesh
Part 2: Benecare Goes Back To The Future
For this year Benecare Conference we produced a movie inspired by the 80’s Steven Spielberg classic ‘Back To The Future’. Starring Richard Kinnear (our Personal Account Manager for The South West & South Wales) and Doc Beneman (Benecare’s  very own superhero).  ‘Benecare Goes Back To The Future’ has a comic touch, Benecare will change the reality through magical intervention to discover a revolutionary way to heal and treat bone fractures.

The movies at the top of this blog post, were shown at the opening presentation of the conference. They tell the story of Richard having an accident in the gym and  then travelling Back To The Future to ask for some help from Doc Beneman to heal his injury. Thanks to  Doc Beneman’s revolutionary invention: the ‘Beneflux Capacitor’, Richard has his bone fracture injury healed instantaneously.

The ‘Gym Sesh’ was shot in Sales Sharks Training Gym and their is also a camera appearance from Sale Sharks and English rugby union player – George Nott, who Benecare sponsor.

Keep an eye out for the Easter egg at the end of Benecare Goes Back To The Future.







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