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Smiles all round after The BeneCare Conference


To see the photos from the weekend, go to our Facebook page and click ‘like’.

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It was only last Saturday when the stunning Radisson Blue East Midlands hotel was filled with Orthopaedic Practitioners both from across the UK and within Europe as the BeneCare Medical team kick started the Benecare Mother’s day conference. I had just completed my first week working for BeneCare in the Marketing department and was wondering what I had ahead of me!

The day started off with a warm welcome to everyone attending as well as an intro to the new diverse Benecare team. Attendees were told 3 [somewhat crazy] facts about our team… one of which was a lie and with prizes to be won, I was just as confused as you with only meeting some of the team that morning! This started the BeneCare Conference with a bang!!

“…thankyou for the best conference I have ever attended, not only were the lectures informative and educating. The meals were really good the entertainment was second to none…” – Amanda Coyle, Sunderland Hospital

We started off with an unusual but thought provoking motivational lecture by the talented Ian Beer, who after showing us that the ‘world is our oyster’, got everyone making choices, even if the choice was to dance with our eyes closed! Feeling energised after this ‘shot’ of positivity we continued on into the day.

Besides for a hearty lunch, Saturday included a lecture on A&P and a workshop on X-ray interpretation given by the lovely Lynn Heys, an “FRC by the Experts” Workshop provided by the wonderful Mel Turner and Sarah Showell from Bradford Royal Infirmary, this is where my leg made its modelling debut! A “Introduction to Hand Splinting” by the talented Sam Tomkins and I think everyone will agree the pièce de résistance of the day a real lesson on Trauma by the incredible Mr. John Hambidge.

“All very good information and I will use what I have learnt at my plaster room.” – Paul

After all this excitement, it was time for all of us to quick change into our penguin suites and sparkly dresses for a night of drinking, dancing and being merry! We started the night started with a smart drinks reception and photo opportunities (All delegates will receive their complementary photo clock within the next couple of weeks). Guests all in their best outfits sat down to a sublime 4 course meal and with a fantastic soul singer on the mic. Everyone danced the night away into the early hours with the DJ playing some of our favourite tunes! I must admit I learnt a few new dance moves throughout the night, I may use them this weekend!

By the time Sunday morning had arrived we had lost an hours sleep and after a quick ‘Hair of the dog’ we were all ready to regroup and continue on with our day (even though I had sore feet!)

In the first seminar 3 lucky winners won £70 worth of M&S vouchers and Gold Bandage Scissors after guessing from the first day that, our Welsh rep, Steve little white lie is that he cannot actually speak fluent Welsh! Just to let you know I have not swam the River Thames….yet!

“A very enjoyable weekend, very well organised. Very well looked after, felt like one of the Benecare family, keep up the great work. 100% Weekend. Thanks for the great and educational weekend.” – Karen Henry, Pennine Acute NHS Trust

The rest of the day looked as exciting as the first with a wonderful insight to the difficulties and importance of consent & documentation by Dr. Mark Cornock. We then looked at how we can all benefit from the rapidly changing world and Leo Lachs showed us how the Benecare Academy is a great positive for our future education and it can help ‘Move training into the Digital Age’.

Now we were on a roll and we had 3 more exceptional workshops. ‘Principles of FRC Application of BK Cast’ by the evergreen Anne Petty & Chris Wardman; How to properly use the Benecast Flex for Samiento casts by the fabulous Sue Martin; and our one and only Pat Radcliffe showing us how the trends are changing for OSG use within the NHS. Wow I am tired thinking about how good that agenda was!

“I really enjoyed the weekend. Benecare conference are welcoming, friendly, informative and all of the staff clearly enjoy working for the company. Thank you.” – Sue Martin

However a conference is not a conference without the people who come and make it special and so from all the team at BeneCare we would like to say a big thank you for attending and we hope you learnt a lot from the weekend and had as much fun as we did! On a personal note It was great to meet you all and thank you for making me feel so welcome!

Emma Kitchen

By the way interesting fact, do you remember that we gave out feedback forms for you all to fill out at our closing ceremony? Well we have tallied the scores and overall scored a FANTASTIC average of 4.5 out of 5 for all the lectures and seminars!

To see the photos from the weekend, go to our Facebook page and click ‘like’.

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