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Pinch punch first of the month!

It all started on a lovely Saturday morning at Queens Hospital in Romford. Delegates were guaranteed a warm welcome, with tea coffee and refreshments to fuel themselves for the day ahead, whilst also providing a great chance to catch up with old faces. After a little natter, we were transferred into the comfortable educational suite for our first lecture of the day. Mr Hambridge [one of the local ortho consultants] focused our attentions on the treatment of fractures, raising some interesting questions about the things we do at present. This was followed up by Mr Vemulapalli [another of the local ortho consultants] who had a great deal to tell us about Charcot foot and the treatments surrounding it.

After these two thoroughly enjoyable lectures, it was time for a tea break. Going round the room there was much discussion on the previous lectures; differing treatments for Charcot foot, as well as many tips and tricks being passed from person to person. Obviously the best learning is peer 2 peer!

It was now time to split up into two groups, reds vs. blue, in order for us to watch some casting demonstrations. A ‘Total Contact Cast’ (TCC) was demonstrated by Graham Neale using the BeneCast Select and Plaster of Paris, followed by a ‘Below-elbow Functional Cast’ presented by Amanda Barlow, using the BeneCast FLEX and Select.

With the smell of food and stomachs being to grumble, we took our cue. A hearty lunch was served which definitely filled the spot. After which, it was time to roll up them sleeves and put the gloves on. We split into our two groups once again and departed to opposite ends of the spacious room. It was time to get hands on casting experience with our recently learnt techniques! Using a combination of the Benecast FLEX and Benecast Select, casts were being made aplenty; Diabetic Slippers, Humeral Braces, Total Contact Casts, you name it. It provided us all with a chance to learn the insider secrets that will make our work a little easier.

With time rapidly catching up on us, and with everyone having had the opportunity to try each cast, it was time for one more lecture. Sue Miles, the national casting training advisor, was going to let us know about the future of training and certification. She let us know the changes that will be happening to the BOA courses and how it will affect us in the future.

And with the end of our final lecture, it was time to say our goodbyes. The feedback we gained was fantastic, these training days are something that has been sorely missed in the casting world, and it’s something that we will have to start running more often for the benefit of you guys.

Until next time!

Steve Baker

Personal Account Manager – London & the South East

This high level training session was run by Graeme Neale of Queen’s Hospital Romford in conjunction with Benecare Medical. Graeme Neale is a fully qualified orthopaedic practitioner who provides high level training and education courses for the orthopaedic community.

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