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benecare donation to the nepal earthquake

BeneCare’s Donation to the Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief Appeal

Everyone is aware of the tragic events that have occurred within the past month in Nepal, being hit by not one, but two devastating earthquakes within the same month. The earthquake has affected approximately 8m people, some being seriously injured and some being left homeless, currently the figure of deaths is at 7000 people with this expected to rise.

When natural disasters like this occur the smallest of donations can go the longest way. Here at BeneCare Medical, we are hoping that by donating orthopaedic supplies that are currently in high demand in Nepal, we can help contribute to the recovery of many victims affected by the earthquake, and create some relief to countless injuries.

Working with the charity HexN (Health Exchange Nepal) BeneCare have generously donated orthopaedic casting tapes and accessories. HexN are a registered UK charity exchanging medical knowledge, professionals, techniques and equipment from the UK over to the devastated Nepal.

HexN currently have a team of 20 Nepalese speaking doctors & orthopaedic surgeons from the UK to help in Nepal and conduct mobile clinics, distribute aid, collect orthopaedic supplies from surrounding areas, run health camps and perform surgeries.

The stock that BeneCare have sent will help support surgeons and doctors to provide treatment and comfort to victims with essential orthopaedic products that are currently scarce throughout Nepal, ensuring the injured receive the level of treatment that they require.

The BeneCare Family feel honoured to have had the opportunity to help HexN in their mission to help thousands of people, and provide Children and families with treatment and comfort throughout Nepal in this dreadful disaster.






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