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Reduce Patient Follow-Up Appointments During Covid-19

In these challenging times when patient and staff safety demands a change in treatment regimes, Benecare have a solution to reduce follow-up appointments for orthopaedics and closed-fracture management.

Focused Rigidity Casting will enable the clinician to apply a close fitting cast, that will provide maximum stability to the site of the injury, with flexibility in other areas of the cast. The cast will be a perfect fit to the limb and can be made removable at the point of application, and reduce the need for a follow appointment to remove the cast unless there is a clinical requirement.

Benecast Advanced has all the characteristics required for FRC and benefits from having clinical evidence to suggest it is suitable for the use with this technique.

Below you can view two video tutorials which provide information on the application techniques for ‘Below Knee‘ and ‘Below Elbow‘ Focused Rigidity Casts.

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