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BenePlasTM Pro has unique qualities that make it perfect for upper and lower extremity positioning splints and paediatric, non-weight bearing AFOs. Its also ideal for abnormal tone conditions or joint contractures when patients are unable to cooperate.  It has a slightly sticky surface when warm, which helps it stay in place to assist in creating an intimate fit.  No solvent is required and a permanent bond is achieved by applying dry heat and pinching it together. The finished splint requires no reinforcement as the splint has maximum rigidity and holds its shape against the pull strong dynamic components and hyper tonicity. The combined drape with controlled, resistive stretch of BenePlas™ Pro allows aggressive, firm handling to form a rigid splint that conforms perfectly to the body.


Features & Benefits

Fingerprints can be smoothed away.

Therapist can aggressively work the material.

Maximum rigidity.

Medium stretch.

High control.

Colour = White.

Indications for use

Medium and large splints.

Fracture bracing.

Knee splints for immobilisation.

Ankle stirrup splints and foot drop splints.

Body jackets.

Elbow, forearm and shoulder splints.

Spasticity splints.

Neurological injury splints.


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