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Treatment Solutions for off-loading Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Pat Radcliffe our medical specialist provided last Sunday 24th of September at the OTA, a comprehensive approach to the management of the foot ulcers problem; it is well documented that the management of a DFU need a multidisciplinary approach to management. The workshop included discussion and demonstration on the application of a TCC in addition to a number of alternatives to off load a DFU.

Whilst 3.8 million people are estimated to have both types of diabetes, approximately 90% of diabetes cases are Type 2; this often due to lifestyle and is preventable. The likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes is increased by being overweight (although family history, ethnicity and age can also increase risk). Foot complications are common in people with diabetes. It is estimated that 10% of people with diabetes will have a diabetic foot ulcer at some point in their lives, with diabetes being the most common cause of non-traumatic limb amputation, with diabetic foot ulcers preceding more than 80% of amputations in people with diabetes.

At the end of the workshop participants were able to understand the complexity of a DFU, to identify the most appropriate treatment regime for the indication and to know the application technique of a TCC.

The products included in the workshop were:



Fixed Walker Boot

Post op shoe

High top shoe