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BeneCare Medical offer therapists a complete range of Low Temperature Thermoplastic Splinting materials that meet both the needs of the therapist and the patient. These materials are backed up by the complete BeneCare range of thermoplastic accessories as well as neoprene splints and wrist supports in many options and colours.

One characteristic that highly influences selection is the degree of resistance to stretch (RTS) and the amount of force needed when applying a material and which will determine the amount of handling it can withstand. To decide which BenePlas material to use, we have provided a chart to describe each materials resistance to stretch (RTS), with a material with minimum RTS requiring only light handling and whose properties allow it to stretch or spread by gravity alone. On the other side of the scale are materials that have a maximum RTS and which will tolerate aggressive handling and will require holding until cool to prevent it reverting back into its original shape.